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Greek Food - Recipes from Rhodes island & Greece

  Recipes from Rhodes & Greece:
Arnaki Fricassee Lamb with Vegetables
Avga Kayiana Eggs with tomatoes, green peppers and feta cheese
Avga Mesa se Patates Baked Potatoes with Eggs
Bourekakia Minced meat stuffed in a fyllo pastry.
Boutaki Arniou me Tiri Leg of Lamb with Cheese
Briam Oven baked vegetable casserole.
Chicken Manestra A variation of Kota manestra (orzo).
Chicken Okra An elusive recipe.
Chicken Okra A variation of the previous recipe.
Fasolakia Green beans in tomato sauce.
Feta, Spinach and Chicken Pasta Irresistible single dish creation!
Fricasse Lamb and garden greens in a creamy lemon sauce.
Garithes Santorini Shrimp Santorini.
Gemista Rice (and meat, if desired) stuffed tomatoes and peppers.
Giouvarlakia Avgolemono Lamb and rice meat balls in a creamy lemon sauce.
Greek Chicken Breast Try this delightful recipe for chicken breasts.
Greek Lemon Chicken A delectable, tangy casserole.
Greek Mousalia A quick and easy casserole.
Healthy Chicken Keftedes A veriation of the classic.
Hirino Ladorigani Pork with Oil and Oregano
Kalamarakia Yemista Stuffed Squid
Kapama Roast lamb with herbs.
Keftethes Smyrne Meat balls (Soutzoukakia) in a tomato sauce.
Kota Manestra Chicken and orzo prepared in the oven in a tomato base.
Kota Psiti Roast chicken and potatoes.
Kotopoulo me Hilopittes Chicken with noodles
Kotopoulo me Patates Chicken with potatoes
Koumeli Ladorigani Rabbit
Kreatopita A Cretan (meat pie) regional specialty.
Lemonato Pan fried pork cutlets smothered in mushrooms.
Macaronia me Kima Spaghetti with meat sauce.
Makaronia me Tono A recipe from Asia Minor.
Makaronia me Xini Krema Spaghetti with sour cream
Makaronopitta Spaghetti pie
Manestra Meat with Orzo
Marinated Pork Tenderloin A fabulous recipe for pork lovers.
Moussaka The famous eggplant casserole borrowed from the middle east.
Octapothi Grilled octopus and some ouzo, as Greek as it gets.
Pastitsio Pasta casserole
Pastitsio me Prasa Macaroni with leeks
Perdika me Domata Partridge with tomato
Psari A delicious way to prepare Black Grouper or another fish.
Souvlaki Those sticks of meat served in or without a pita.
Spaghetti with minced meat sauce A quick and easy meal.
Spetsiota Fish prepared with a Greek flair.
Steak Sofrido Pan fried veal filets.
Stifado A delicious way to prepare and serve meats.
U-Peel Em Shrimp A simple but delightful recipe for preparing shrimp.
Zelnick The Macedonia recipe.

Other Recipes:

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