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Greek Food - Recipes from Rhodes island & Greece

  Recipes from Rhodes & Greece:
Bacaliaros Skordalia Cod in Garlic Sauce
Baked Feta Everyone's favorite.
Bifteki Greek hamburger patties.
Chtapodi Laborigani Octopus with Oil and Oregano
Dolmathes Grape leaf roll ups stuffed with rice.
Fava A Mezedes, or the food you serve to show hospitality and have visitors linger longer!
Garides me Feta Shrimp with feta
Gigantes Lima beans in a tomato sauce, spicy or not.
Greek Gyros The famous hot sandwhich.
Homus The chick pea dip borrowed from the middle east.
Kalamari Deep fried squid, a crowd favourite.
Kokoretsi Lamb's Intestines
Marides Tiganites Fried Whitebait
Marinated Octopus Tradition Greek style octopus in marinade.
Mydia me Tomata Kai Skordo Mussels with Tomato and Garlic
Patatokeftedes Potato Balls
Revithikeftedes Chickpea Balls
Saganaki Fried Kefalotiri cheese
Saganaki Pan fried cheese with a squeeze of lemon.
Spanakopita Commonly known as spinach pie.
Spetzofai Village Sausage with Tomatoes and Red Peppers
Sykotakia Ladorigani Pan fried Liver. Chicken, lamb or beef liver. For when you're mad at the kids!
Taramokeftedes Fish Roe Balls
Taramosalata Greek style caviar that even the kids would like.
Tsatziki The famous cucumber dip that goes with everything.
Tyrokavteri A spicy cheese spread.
Tyropita A delicious, cheese filled pastry.
Tyropites Hot cheese pastries. (A variation of Tyropita)
Tziyerosarmas Lamb or Calf Liver.
Volvi me Ladoxido Mini onion bulbs with dressing

Avgolemono Soup Another variation!
Domatosoupa A zesty tomato soup, great with a pasta.
Fakkes Lentil soup in a tomato base.
Fasolatha A hearty navy bean soup in a tomato base.
Fava A purée of yellow split peas.
Kakavia Fish and Vegetable Soup
Kakavia Soup A flavourful fish soup.
Kotosoupa A chicken based soup with a creamy lemon sauce.
Kremithosoupa Meat based or not, this is the Greeks' answer to French onion soup.
Kritharaki Soup Barley Shaped Pasta Soup
Leek Potato For those cold winter nights.
Loutzoukaxia A variation on lentils.
Mayeiritsa Traditional Easter Soup
Psarosoupa Avgolemono Fish Soup in creamy lemon sauce
Soupa Fakes Lentil Soup
Soupa Fasolia Bean Soup
Soupa Nisiotiki Island Soup. A hearty seafood ensemble.
Soupa Revithia Chickpea Soup
Trahana A tomato based soup with tiny sour dough balls.
Youvarlakia Avgolemono Boiled meat ball soup

Apple-Raisin Salad
Choban Salatasi Turkish "Shepherd's" Salad. A salad with a Turkish twist.
Couscous Middle Eastern Salad.
Lahano Salata A traditionally tart cabbage salad.
Manestra Salad Zesty pasta salad.
Marinated Octopus Salad A "Meze" to accompany Ouzo!
Patzaria Salata A different way to eat your beets.
Potatosalata Sliced Potato Salad
Salata apo Piperies Red Pepper Salad
Salata Marouli Romaine Lettuce Salad.
Salata me Lahano kai Karoto Cabbage and Carrot Salad
Salata Pandzaria Beetroot Salad
Horiatiki Also known as Greek Salad.
Zorba Yet another variation of Greek salad!

Arnaki Fricassee Lamb with Vegetables
Avga Kayiana Eggs with tomatoes, green peppers and feta cheese
Avga Mesa se Patates Baked Potatoes with Eggs
Bourekakia Minced meat stuffed in a fyllo pastry.
Boutaki Arniou me Tiri Leg of Lamb with Cheese
Briam Oven baked vegetable casserole.
Chicken Manestra A variation of Kota manestra (orzo).
Chicken Okra An elusive recipe.
Chicken Okra A variation of the previous recipe.
Fasolakia Green beans in tomato sauce.
Feta, Spinach and Chicken Pasta Irresistible single dish creation!
Fricasse Lamb and garden greens in a creamy lemon sauce.
Garithes Santorini Shrimp Santorini.
Gemista Rice (and meat, if desired) stuffed tomatoes and peppers.
Giouvarlakia Avgolemono Lamb and rice meat balls in a creamy lemon sauce.
Greek Chicken Breast Try this delightful recipe for chicken breasts.
Greek Lemon Chicken A delectable, tangy casserole.
Greek Mousalia A quick and easy casserole.
Healthy Chicken Keftedes A veriation of the classic.
Hirino Ladorigani Pork with Oil and Oregano
Kalamarakia Yemista Stuffed Squid
Kapama Roast lamb with herbs.
Keftethes Smyrne Meat balls (Soutzoukakia) in a tomato sauce.
Kota Manestra Chicken and orzo prepared in the oven in a tomato base.
Kota Psiti Roast chicken and potatoes.
Kotopoulo me Hilopittes Chicken with noodles
Kotopoulo me Patates Chicken with potatoes
Koumeli Ladorigani Rabbit
Kreatopita A Cretan (meat pie) regional specialty.
Lemonato Pan fried pork cutlets smothered in mushrooms.
Macaronia me Kima Spaghetti with meat sauce.
Makaronia me Tono A recipe from Asia Minor.
Makaronia me Xini Krema Spaghetti with sour cream
Makaronopitta Spaghetti pie
Manestra Meat with Orzo
Marinated Pork Tenderloin A fabulous recipe for pork lovers.
Moussaka The famous eggplant casserole borrowed from the middle east.
Octapothi Grilled octopus and some ouzo, as Greek as it gets.
Pastitsio Pasta casserole
Pastitsio me Prasa Macaroni with leeks
Perdika me Domata Partridge with tomato
Psari A delicious way to prepare Black Grouper or another fish.
Souvlaki Those sticks of meat served in or without a pita.
Spaghetti with minced meat sauce A quick and easy meal.
Spetsiota Fish prepared with a Greek flair.
Steak Sofrido Pan fried veal filets.
Stifado A delicious way to prepare and serve meats.
U-Peel Em Shrimp A simple but delightful recipe for preparing shrimp.
Zelnick The Macedonia recipe.

Baklava Crushed nuts in a fyllo pastry topped with syrup.
Bougatsa Custard filled fyllo.
Cinnamon Cake
Coconut Cake
Coffee Cake A simple classic.
Ekmek A layered custard cake.
Galactobouriko Custard filled fyllo with a light syrup.
Greek Cake Another traditional favorite!
Greek Travelling Pie Mini cakes, great for the road!
Halva Semolina based dessert.
Kadaife Ekmek A variation of the previous.
Kazan Tipi Don't let the chicken breast confuse you!
Kourambiedes Greek shortbread cookies.
Kourambiedes A variation of the previous recipe.
Loukoumades Greek style doughnuts.
Mangos Not quite Greek, but delicious anyway.
Melomakarona A honey-dipped cookie for the holiday season.
Mitilini A Baleze sweet, cooked in Mitilini - Lesvos for the lent of the 15th of August.
Moustalevria A pudding made from the extract of wine.
Saffron and Honey Pears A Sweet Delight!
Theepless Honey dipped fried batter.
Theepless Another recipe for theepless.
Tsoureki The traditional Greek Easter bread.
Vasilopita The traditional cake served at New Years.
Xalvas me Indokarido Refrigerator Squares.
Zorbre Katasha One for chocolate lovers.

Aginares me Hortarika Artichokes with vegetables
Araka Peas, Potatoes and Dill.
Arakas Anixiatikos Spring peas
Brokolo me Domata Brocoli with tomato
Chipies The Greek French Fry.
Kolokithakia Yemista Stuffed Zucchini
Kremmidopitta Onion Pie
Lahanorizo Cabbage with rice
Patates Psites Those famous roasted potatoes with lemon and herbs.
Patates Yiahni Potatoes and tomatoes
Pilafi Greek style rice.
Rice Pilaf Great with any entree.
Rizopitta Rice pie
Skorthalia Garlic mashed potatoes.
Spanakorizo Spinach with rice

Avgolemono Sauce A creamy lemon sauce.
Beshamel Sauce A creamy sauce used in several recipes
Crepe Batter Savoury or sweet, every Greek loves a crepe.
Pasta Basic instructions for preparing pastas.
Skordalia Garlic Sauce
Vinegrette Dressing Great for any kind of salad.

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